Pamplin MBA
at Virginia Tech

This page represents a compilation of websites and materials during my tenure as a graduate student at Virginia Tech in the Pamplin MBA program.  I hope you enjoy the following material.


Work Completed in MBA Classes:

Work-at-home is Advantageous for both Employer and Employee -- Presentation done on September 9, 1999, in Management of Information Systems taught by Dr. James O. Hicks.

Human Resources Consulting -- Prototype webpages designed by me for a project in Dynamics of Organizational Behavior taught by Dr. Anthony T. Cobb in Fall 1998.

links to professors whom i have had:

Fall 1998
Dynamics of Organizational Behavior -- Dr. Anthony T. Cobb
Economics of Business Decisions -- Dr. Sheryl B. Ball
Business Statistics -- Dr. Jerry Mann
Fundamentals of Accounting -- Dr. Cintia M. Easterwood

Spring 1999
Principles of Finance -- Dr. Gregory B. Kadlec
Marketing Policy and Strategy -- Dr. Noreen M. Klein
Production and Operations Management -- Dr. Phillip Y. Huang
Management Science -- Dr. Bernard W. Taylor

Summer I 1999
Corporate Finance -- Dr. Robert S. Hansen
Financial Statement Analysis -- Dr. John A. Brozovsky

Summer II 1999
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management -- Dr. Douglas M. Patterson

Fall 1999
Management of Information Systems -- Dr. James O. Hicks, Jr.
Financial Derivatives and Risk Management I -- Dr. Raman Kumar
Social Legal Ethical Environment in Business -- Dr. Richard E. Wokutch

Spring 2000
Investment Banking in a Global Environment -- Dr. Robert S. Hansen
Advanced Corporate Finance -- Dr. Dilip K. Shome
International Finance -- Dr. Vijay Singal
Strategic Management -- Dr. Laura Poppo