[NI0220] Hendrick's probable direct ancestors are Derik Jansen Sutphen and Lysbeth Sutphen

[NI0229] He left for America in 1681. He was an officer in Cromwell's army/

[NI0234] Served in Rev. War. He lived near the present-day site of Topeco Duncard Church in Floyd County, VA.

[NI0244] Was a close friend of George Washington...and supposedly a kinsman of him also.

[NI0253] Edward sold Westbury Manor to Richard Francis in 1639 and immigrated to Lynn, Massachusetts, and led the colony which founded Southhampton, Long Island, New York in 1640 (along with Thomas Halsey).

[NI0256] He purchased Westbury Manor, Marsh Gibbon, Bucks, in 1536 from Robert Dormen.

[NI0259] She was killed by Pequot Indians of Long Island

[NI0321] "The first mention of the name appears in a patent granted Joseph
Royall August 20, 1642, in Henrico County for the transportation of 12
persons, among whom were John and Thomas Guilham . . . . They are
undoubtedly the John, aged 21, and Thomas Gillam, aged 18 years,
who sailed from Gravesend, England, bound for Virginia on August 21,
1635, on the 'George', master, John Severne. . . . They were probably

[NI0322] Contacts:

Tom Kasinger, Alameda, CA,

Paul Murauskas,129 Whitehall Drive, Clarksville, TN 37042,

[NI0323] He was living at O'Hordam in Surry County, VA, in 1632.

[NI0331] Unsure if this is correct ancestor....

[NI0346] In 1673, William and Joanna paid transportation to the Virginia colony and received 50 acres of land. He was a member of the Church of England and is believed to be buried at Ferry Chapel of Bristol Parish in what is now Petersburg, VA. His tiny plantation was in present-day Hopewell, VA.

[NI0354] Came to America on "Mary and Sarah" in 1679.

[NI0398] In 1691, only 3 of their 13 children survived and only one of deceased children had a descendant..Mary Digges Page.

[NI0403] He was an apple grower in Frederick County, VA.

[NI0406] Came to America from Liverpool on the "Friendship" arriving 11/21/1683 in Delaware with his parents.

[NI0411] Came on the ship "The Willing Mind" to West Jersey 10/3/1677. He was a hatter and a Quaker. He settled at Alloways Creek in Salem County, NJ.

[NI0426] Baptized 10/23/1718 by Rev. Gotthard Steitz in the Reformed Church of Katzenbach, Germany. He came to America in 1746 in Philadelphia. He was shot and killed by British Tories during the Rev. War. He was buried in the Leonhardt Church Graveyard.

Adapted from Randy Regan (

He was baptized in Katzenbach, Germany, 23 Oct., 1718. Religion:.(13) An unknown person was employed in Oberalben, RheinPfalz, Germany. 'Valentin' immigrated, 1746. Destination:. 1718. Christened by the Rev. Gotthard Steitz. 1733. Confirmed as a member at Easter in 1733. 25 Oct., 1746. Came to America on ship "Neptune", Captain Thomas Wilkinson, from Rotterdam. Arrived at the Port of Philadelphia, PA on October 25, 1746. Took the oath of allegiance and signed his name in German. Name translates as Valladin Leonhardt. Also written as Valentin Löhnhard. 1746. Lived in Philadelphia, PA from 1746 to 1749. 1749. From 1749 to 16 Nov., 1758 the area he lived in is unknown. 1753-4.
Leonhardt's Church in Davidson County, NC was established. This is a Reformed (German) Church now known by the name of Pilgrim, or Church of the Pilgrims. 17 Apr., 1762. This is the date of his first deed. 27 Aug., 1762. This is the date of his second deed. 22 AUG., 1779. Rowan County Clerk of Court's Office, Salisbury, NC. The Will reads as follows: In the name of God, Amen. I Valentine Leonard, of the County of Rowan and Province of North Carolina, being in perfect health of body, and of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given unto God, calling to mind the mortality of my body, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner following: I recommend my soul into the hand of Almighty God who gave it;
and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in decent Christian burial. At the discretion of my Executors, and as touching such worldy estate where with it has pleased God to bless me in this life I give, devise, and dispose of the same in the follwing manner and form- First I give and bequeath to Elizabeth, my dearly beloved wife, the Manor Plantation that I now live on, during her bearing the name of Leonard and in case she don't after her name she is to keep it to have full rule over it during
her life time, and like I leave to my wife all my horses, cattle, and my personal estate wholly. Also, I leave to my sons Philip and Jacob the plantation after my wife's death. Likewise to my son Peter I leave and bequeath his equal part of four hundred and ninety acres between him and his brothers Valentine and Michael. Likewise to my beloved daughter Barbara Hege I leave fifty pounds of gold and silver to be raised out of my personal estate, likewise to my beloved daughter Elizabeth fifty pounds like money to be paid in the same form. Likewise to my daughter Catharine I leave fifty pounds like money to be
raised as before. Likewise my desire is that after please God who when death of my beloved wife that the remainder of my estate that can be raised to be equally divided between all my children. And I do hereby appoint Jacob Hamm and Philip Sauer whom I likewise constitute make and ordain the sole Executors of my Last Will and Testament, and do hereby attenly? disallow and revoke all former Testaments, Wills, Legacies, and Executors satisfying and confirming this and no other to be my
Last Will and Testament in witness when of I have hereby set my hand and seal this twenty second day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine. S______ sealed pronounced________________________ Valentine Leonard and witnessed by the said as his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us - 2 Sept., 1781. A band of Tories went to Valentine's house and shot him. He lived until the 13th of Sept. before passing away. A Patriot neighbor, Wooldrich Fritz, was also killed by the same band. On July 4, 1896 a tall marble shaft was dedicated to the two neighbors and Patriots in the presence of 10,000 citizens. Valentine's name is on the north side and Wooldrich's is on the south. The monument is at their graves in the Leonhardt Cemetery, later known as the Pilgrim Cemetery. On the footstone in English is the inscription "Beneath this stone doth now remain an ancient man by murder slain." 13 Nov., 1781. His gravestone inscription reads: Valentin Leonhardt, geboren in der Kuhr Pfaltz in Katzenbach den 13 Ocdober 1718, und ist in dem Herrn entschlafen den 13 November, 1781. Nun Hier ligteine Handvoll Aschen mit Christi Blut gewashen. A translation is as follows:
Valentin Leonhardt was born at Katzenbach, in the Electorate of Palatinate, October 13, 1718, and died November 13, 1781. Here now lies a handful of ashes washed in the blood of Christ.

[NI0456] All eight sons fought for the South in the Civil War.

[NI0459] Her parents are possibly a John and Catherine Essigs (The Descendants of Michael Easter, published in the 60's by Genealogical Publishing in Bladensburg, MD).

[NI0497] Sources:

Lillie Edwards Mitchell
Canada & Irena Edward's Bible
Betty Blakely Marimelli

Zachariah's deed of land to Henry Safrit in Guilford County, NC on 2/27/1834. He was living in Grayson (Carroll) County, VA, at the time. The land was bordered by land owned by: John and Abner Saferit in presence of Jesse and William Saferit.

In the 1830 Guilford Co., NC, Census, Henry, Abner, John, and William were head's of households.

[NI0503] Sources:

"Surry County Heritage"
Barbara Hale (desc. of Hastings)
Kermit Smith (son of Alex)
Helen Woodring (desc. of Tollie)
Lillie Edwards Mitchell (dau. of Sarah)
Mary Anne Pippin (gg-niece of Matt)
Sarah Gay (dau. of Isaac)
Lytha Mae Wymer (desc. of Marion)
Bible of Chris and Sarah Smith Edwards
Bible of Isaac and Louise Smith
Carroll Co. Marriage Records
Carroll Co. Death Records 1912-1917

[NI0505] Died of scarlet fever

[NI0507] Sources:

"Surry County Heritage"
1860 Surry Co. Census
Helen Frances Woodring
Mary Anne Pippin: Surry Tax Lists, Surry 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 Censi
Orella Chadwick: Bible of Bartholomew and Polly Smith from "Trails Trod"

[NI0510] 1860 Surry, NC, with daughter Elizabeth and her husband Archelaus Vaughn

Starting in the 1870, Archelaus and his complete family (with mother-in-law, Susan) are living on a farm in SW Stewart's Creek Township of Surry County, NC. They appear to have lived in the same region thru 1920.

[NI0511] Sources:

William's will (written 7/27/1817, recorded 8/1818)
Mary Anne Smith Pippin: 1850 Census mortality list

[NI0517] Sources:

Mary Anne Smith Pippin: Will of 1781, Orange County, VA; lease 5/24/1738

[NI0535] Served under Capt. T. Tarrant in the Rev. War (Henry County, VA). He was in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse 3/11/1781, Eutaw Springs, and Yorktown.

[NI0539] Lived on Hog Island.

[NI0541] He was a merchant and was in the House of Burgesses from 1652-1653. He lived at Pleasant Point Plantation.

[NI0543] The emigrant to America.

[NI0556] Buried 2/29/1772 in Hardwick Cemetery

[NI0560] Immigrated to Boston in 1676 on "William Browne." He settled with his family in Bucks Co. in 1682.

[NI0561] Arrived on "Submission" on 7/5/1682.

[NI0572] He was in the NJ Militia.

[NI0596] Served in Capt. Alexander Micah's Company in the Strasberg District (15th) Dunmore Co. in the Revolutionary War. On 27 Oct 1778, he recieved land for his service on Crab Orchard Creek. He built a Grist Mill there.

Some info from:

Gray Newman

[NI0597] Arrived in America 30 Aug 1749 in Philadelphia on the ship "Crown" with her parents and two sisters

[NI0598] Adam was a weaver who came to America in 1749. He arrived in Philadelphia on the ship "Crown" on 8/30/1749 from the village of Muttenz, near Basil, Switzerland. He came to Strausburg, VA, by 1766. His will was proven 3/25/1779. He recieved land, from the Lord Fairfax grant in Strasburg Va. The home is still there and is in good condition. He is listed in the book "Swiss emigrants of the 18th century"

Last name was also Brodbeck

[NI0632] Governor of VA 8/27/1706-6/23/1710. He was on Council from York 1691-1726; Attorney General 1680-1691; Secretary of State 1702-1712, 1720-1722; and Colonel and Commander-in-Chief of York Militia 1699.

[NI0634] High Sheriff of York in 1675.

[NI0644] Burgess from Lancaster County 1659-60 and on Council from 1663-1675.

[NI0750] Contact for Proctor family: Irma Proctor Proc

[NI0760] Involved in the Revolutionary War.

[NI0766] Listed as Esther Mills in Richmond County, VA, marriages.

[NI0772] He probably came to VA from New England on the "Speedwell."

[NI0795] Lieutenant in Revolutionary War in Pittsylvania County, VA.

[NI0797] In the Revolutionary War. He joined the army in 9/1781 and served six months.

[NI0803] LIved at Roxdale Plantation

[NI0804] Owned land in VA south of the James River in 1661. He was a ship's carpenter.

[NI0807] 1850 Floyd County, VA, Census....#546
Pine Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
Dr. Amos De Russia Wood's biographical sketch (

John was a Sargeant in the NJ Militia that served in the Rev. War under George Washington and crossed the Delaware River with him and fought in the Battle of Trenton the next day.

[NI0809] In the Rev. War

[NI0811] Was in the War of 1812.

[NI0815] He had two wives, so undboutedly some of these children (?) belong to the other wife.

[NI0823] Lived in Kemp House in Jamestown and was a tobacco planter

[NI0825] He was a burgess and a councillor to the Governor. Elected Speaker of the Upper House of Burgesses in 1652. His ship was the "Fame of Virginia." Walter's daughter Mary married a Paige. She and her husband's daughter, Elizabeth, married a Tyler. Elizabeth Tyler had a son John Tyler I, who had John Tyler II, who was the Governor of VA. His son, John Tyler III, was PRESIDENT of the USA. Walter came to America on the ship "Blessing" of Falmouth in 1636 (there is some question that Walter Jr. was born in 1636...but nothing definite). He went back to England and outfitted his own ship (see above) and returned in 1638. As a burgess he represented Charles City County in 1642 and 1643 and James City in 1645, 1646, and 1649.

William and Mary CollegeQuarterly Historical Papers
Volume 1, No. 2, October 1892, p.75-78

[NI0827] John immigrated in 1653. He owned and lived on Middle Plantation which was to become the town of Williamsburg! He helped found the College of William and Mary and owned over 7000 acres in VA. He also lost 63 bottles of wine in Bacon's Rebellion in Jamestown in 1676. He built Rosewell Plantation, which was the largest house in the US at the time---it was destroyed I think in the 1930s or so. It was cube shaped, 90 feet on the side, 4 stories, with an 8-person wide capacity mahoghany staircase!!!! He owned the ships "Augustine", "East India Merchant", and "Jeffreys." He was also a burgess, head of the York Militia, and on the Governor's Council.

Various Sources:
"Genealogy of the Page Family in Virginia", by Dr. Richard Channing Moore Page, 1965, CJ Carrier Company, Bridgewater, VA. Originally published in 1883 and 1893.

His monument at Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg (where he and his wife are buried) was erected 1878 of Carrara marble

[NI0836] He was elected a member of the Constitutional Congress of North Carolina (rep. of Northhampton County) which met 11/12/1776. He was a slave owner.

[NI0842] Emigrated from Denmark to Holland to Virginia and naturalized 3/23/1702, before the Virginia House of Burgesses -- from

In NC genweb, Person Co. site, I believe, found info. posted on Ezekiel Harrelson living near Thomas Burgess, believe this was when Person Co. was created.




File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by:
Edward Reynolds

I have tried to maintain the exact fromat of the originals.

This is a copyrighted Transcription of this article by Edward Reynolds
on 9-15-1997. It may be distributed and copied for any non-profit use
without written permission from Edward Reynolds. All other uses are



There are only two old books in the clerk’s Office of
Hanover county, Va The oldest, designated the "Small Book" in these
notes, covers the years 1734 and 1735, and contains orders,
wills, deeds, etc. The other, "The Larger Book" of these notes is a
deed book for 1780-1790. The following are the abbreviations:

adj, adjoining; extor --executor: adm.-administrator; s.-son;
d.-daughter or died; est. estate; X - his mark; a.---acres.

These notes were copied by me in the winter of 1910-1911
- S. 0. Southall.

May 24, 1735.-Martin Davenport's will. Sons David, James
Martin & Wm. Davenport (best land in King Wm) my
father Davis Davenport decd Wife Dorothy Davenport
administrator, security Paul Harrelson.
(End of Small Book.)

Sept. 6, 1735.-Henry Chiles, planter, to Ambrose. Hundley
Southern Branch.

Aug. 7, 1735.-Estate of Paul Harralson decd to Paul Harralson
for going to York to take in his Farther’s mortgage for
Mr. Nelson.

Jan. 25, 1734-John X Low & Frances his wife late Frances
Peck of Henrico to Jas Perrin John Shelton receipt "his
full share of his father's estate which was in the hands
of Allan Howard as guardian." Witness David Shelton.
Paul Harralson of St. Paul's to Henry Power of Parish of
James City in Co. of James City 150 acres (same land
whereon Paul Harrelson decd., father of Paul Harrison
lately lived).

1734.-Paul Harralson of St. Mary, Caroline Co., to Joseph
Woolfolk of same Parish & County.

June 6, 1734.-Richard Plillips of St. George Parish, Spottsyl
vania, to John Searcy, of St. Martin’s 400 a. of Wood-
laud adj: Capt. Carr, Martin Davenport, John Wilson.

April 5, 1734 -Paul Harralson (will dated 1718). Son Peter 200
acres on Crump Creek, son Paul, dau. Ann Chiles, dau.
Judith Harralson, Gr. dau. Rebeckah Sims-wife and
all 5 children begotten of I)cr. Paul Harralson (Henry
Childs security) executor’s bond.

1733.-Est. of Peter Harralson, decd, by Alex. Cock & John

Aug. 1773.
Peter Harralson (will) dated Jany 20th, 1732, Gives wife
Mary Harralson the place where Daniel Tyler lives,
Sons, Paul, Burges, John and Nath: Harralson; daus.
Elizabeth, Agnes and Sarah. Witness, Paul Harralson,
Rolf Hunt, and James Hooper. Admtor Mary Harral-
son. Security, Henry Chiles and Paul Harralson.

[NI0843] Info on Rebecca is from a book by Rev. Ralph Harrelson, "The Chronicle of the Harrelson Saga."

[NI0846] Burgess from New Kent in 1685.

[NI0862] Ann is thought to be a cousin of Anne Pope who married John Washington, George Washington's great-grandfather.

[NI0863] Came to America in 1624 to flee from his step-father. He returned to England in 1650 as a shoemaker, but eventually came back to America.

[NI0866] He was the church warden in St. Nicholas Church (Leeds?)

[NI0868] He was a shoemaker

[NI0869] He was a tailor in Canterbury, England

[NI0870] Moved from Germany to Canterbury, England, about 1437. He was a tailor and married an English woman (Catherine); by doing so, he was disinherited and lost the family fortune to his younger brother. He was educated at the University of Cologne.

[NI0872] Member of the Hanseatic League.

[NI0874] Member of the Hanseatic League; did business in London while living in Lubeck, Germany.

[NI0876] Lord of Gross-Kolschaw, Pomeisel, Strogetitz, and Erdtberg. Count Councillor of his Roman Imperial Majesty. He owned a castle near the Rhine River and Cologne, which was still standing in 1890.

[NI0919] Sources:

Lula E. Smith's records
Carroll Co. Marriage Records
Carroll Co. Cemetery Book
1860 Carroll Census
1870 Carroll Census (#170 Fancy Gap)
Stokes County (NC) Heritage Book
Kristi L. Towe's records
1850 Patrick Co. Census

[NI0921] Sources:

Lula E. Smith's records
29th VA Infantry by John Perry Alderman
Carroll Co. Cemetery Book
1850 Carroll Census
Stokes County (NC) Heritage Book
Anna Robertson's Will
1850 Patrick Co. Census

Possibly married Ruth Young (b.1807 NC) married 9/28/1837 in Stokes Co., NC

[NI0923] 1850 Washington County, VA, Census lists John (47), Sarah (46), Isaac (19), Celey (20--Isaac's wife??), Sarah (14), James (12), and Sophia (10).

1860 Carroll County, VA lists Sarah (the younger) with children of hers.
1860 Russell County, VA lists a John Odell and Sarah, both born in NC (1190-1190)

Odle contacts:


[NI0927] Lived at "Picketts" in Chesterfield County and was a slave owner.

[NI0929] Rector of Bristol Parish from 1680-1693.

[NI0931] Burgess from Prince George County 1736-1740 and 1742-1749.

[NI0933] Burgess from Prince George County in 1710, 1712, and 1714.

[NI0936] Burgess for Charles City County in 1654 and 1663.

[NI0940] Lived at Flowerdieu Hundred. He was a mariner and master of the ships "America" and "Merchant's Hope."

[NI0943] Burgess from Henrico County from 1691-1693, 1703-1706, and 1711-1712.

[NI0947] He was a Burgess.

[NI0951] Burgess from Shirley Hundred 1625, 1628, and 1632; Charles City County 1640, 1645-46; Council in 1637 and 1652.

[NI0964] Speaker of the House of Burgesses in 1661; Burgess from James City 1652-1655, 1658, and 1660-1661. Arrived in VA before 1623.

[NI0965] Arrived with the children in VA in 1651.

[NI0967] Burgess and Councillor of VA.

[NI0969] He was an attorney and land registrar.

[NI0973] At the age of 17, he joined the army to fight Indians. He came to Stokes County, NC, in 1769. He helped set up the NC government at Hillsbor in 1775. He then became a Major and fought Cherokees. Then, he went to the House of Commons for Surry County. Next, he fought in the Battles of Alamance, Kings Mountain, and Guilford Courthouse. He was elected to Congress in 1793 and 1803. He was also a Presidential elector and served 8 terms as a NC State Senator.

He was a first cousin of Patrick Henry. Winston Salem, NC, was named for him on 1/15/1815 by the General Assembly of North Carolina.

[NI0986] In the Rev. War

[NI0990] He came to VA with his first wife Lucreece in April 1657 and was involved in Bacon's Rebellion.

[NI1080] In the War of 1812

[NI1096] Justice (1744-45), High Sheriff (1745-46), and Captain of the Militia beginning 6/27/1745 in Albemarle County, VA, and lived in what is now Fluvanna Co., VA.

[NI1100] Thomas was killed by Indians while leading an expedition in 1683. He owned Chestnut Grove, which is where later Martha Parke Custis Washington was born.

[NI1102] He represented King William County in the House of Burgesses until his death. He lived at Huntington Plantation in King William. He was also the first sheriff of the county.

[NI1108] Came to America ca 1682 from Glamorganshire, Wales; had land surveyed 3/13/1684 in Middletown, Chester County, PA.

Might possibly be a brother of Abiah Edwards:

Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999
From: Karen Wofford

In the 24 years that I have been trying to find my 8 gg father, Abiah
Edwards of possibly Glamorganshire, Wales, this time period comes close
to when he entered America. He died in 1714-15 at Shrewsbury, Monmouth
County, NJ. He was in Chester County, PA had a wife named Mary Sutton,
son named Jonathan Edwards married Isabel Lewis who was a quaker. He
married (2) an Elizabeth-------surname unknown.
He had with Elizabeth the following children, Phillip, Naomi, Elizabeth.

Is it possible that he could be a relative, or brother of your William
My Abiah Edwards was a shipwright and a surveyor of land for Sarah Reape
which he later bought in Shrewsbury, NJ. He is listed a a yeoman and his
inventory says he owned a scowl.
He captained the ship Desire from Shrewsbury, NJ to New York, and I
can't find any references or passenger lists on this early colonial ship
If you can help me find this guy, I would greatly appreciate it.
Have you looked in Wales for your ancestor. If you can give me any tips
on researching this guy over there, I would appreciate it.

[NI1111] Left England on 5/1699 on the ship "Brittania" whith his wife and children. He died on board the ship. The family arrived in Philadelphia on 8/24/1699.

[NI1114] A John Fanning was named in a 1672 will as coming to VA and the son John Fanning now deceased....

[NI1140] Alderman, Sheriff (1611), and Lord Mayor (1621-22) of London, England.
Member of VA Company and East India Company

[NI1145] Built Romancoke Plantation, then Sweet Hall. He was a member of Council from 1623-1660, Secretary of State 1625-1637, and Treasurer 1642-1660.

[NI1160] Sailed to America on "The Elizabeth", named after his mother. He bought land from Thomas Hanks.

[NI1161] Member of the London Company

[NI1163] He was the first Caucasian child born on the York River. He was a Burgess from York and from New Kent in 1685 and 1688.

[NI1165] Burgess from York

William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Papers, Vol. 2, No. 4, Apr., 1894, p.270

[NI1167] Member of the London Company and came to Virginia in 1608 on the "Second Supply." He was a tobacco planter and owned 500 acres near Old Point Comfort. His wife came in 1620 on the ship "Bona Nova."

[NI1168] West Point, VA, is named after him. Virginia Company 1609; Burgess from York 1629-1630, and Governor of Virginia 1635-1663. He received his B.A. from Magdalen College, Oxford, 12/1/1613. He was the first Caucasian settler on Pamunkey Neck.

[NI1170] He was Governor of Virginia from 6/10/1610-6/7/1618. He arrived in Virginia at the same time that the colonists had given up and were boarding to leave America to return to England.

Received MA from Oxford on 8/30/1605

[NI1172] Educated at Oxford

[NI1235] 2nd Lord West

[NI1237] 1st Lord West

[NI1343] These children were all conceived out of wedlock, but were legitimized by King Richard II in 1396.

[NI1560] One source for this info is:

"The Royal Families of England, Scotland, and Wales, with Their Descendants, Sovereigns and Subjects", by John Burke and John Bernard Burke. Volume I, 1848 (yes, the original copy at the Virginia Tech library). Printed in London, E. Churton, 26, Holles Street.

[NI2136] Educated at Oxford. He was a member of the VA Company and was in Parliament for Tewksbury and Kent. Also a member of the East India Company, Muscovy Company, and Grey's Inn. Cape Digges and Digges Island are named after him.

[NI2493] Served in Gist's Regiment, 14th VA Regiment of the Continental Line

[NI2507] Was a Burgess.

[NI2624] Lord Chief Justice of Ireland

[NI2760] Thomas Jefferson's ggg-grandparents. Came to America on the "London Merchant" in 1620.

[NI2772] His parents first migrated to Jamaica before coming to Pennsylvania. He studied medicine in England.

[NI2773] Possibly the birth date and parents of Anna.

[NI2779] She came to America in 1743 with her children and Casper Glattfelder, on the ship Francis & Elizabeth arriving in Philadelphia, PA on 3 Aug., 1743. She lived in York County, PA.

[NI2910] Also Manclark = Mauclerc

[NI3108] Colonial Governor of Virginia. Buried on Belfield Plantation between Yorktown and Williamsburg.

William and Mary Quarterly Historical Papers
Volume 1, No. 2, October 1892, p.80-88
Volume 1, No. 3, January 1893, p.140-154
Volume 1, No. 4, April 1893, p. 208-213.

[NI3109] Buried on Belfield Plantation between Yorktown and Williamsburg. The Dudley Digges house is still in Yorktown right next to the spot where Cornwallis surrended. Dudley, the brother of Ann, was
an attorney who negotiated the terms of the surrender with Great Britain.

[NI4032] See Goad database for this line.

[NI4064] Email:

[NI4187] Came to VA to Charles River County, VA, on 5/6/1630

[NI4291] Great-great-grandson of Faramund

[NI4405] Information provided by Lorena Eaker at

[NI4535] Full-blooded Delaware Indian

[NI4568] Moved with son William to Cane Creek, NC, in 1753.

[NI4676] " Tennessee the Volunteer State 17691923: Volume 1
page 165
At this time there lived in Chota a famous Indian woman named Nancy
Ward. She held the office of Beloved Woman, which not only gave her
At this time there lived in Chota a famous Indian woman named Nancy
Ward. She held the office of Beloved Woman, which not only gave her
the right to speak in council, but conferred such great power that she
might, by the wave of a swan's wing, deliver a prisoner condemned by
the council, though already tied to the stake.9 She was of queenly and
commanding presence and manners, and her house was furnished in a
style suitable to her high dignity. Her father is said to have been a
British officer, and her mother a sister of Attakullakulla.10 [p.165]
Her daughter, Betsy, was the Indian wife of General Joseph Martin. She
had a son, Little Fellow, and a brother, Long Fellow (Tuskegetchee),
who were influential chiefs.11 The latter boasted that he commanded
seven towns, while thirteen others listened to his talks; and though
he had once loved war and lived at Chickamauga, at the request of his
nephew, General Martin, he had moved to Chestua, midway between Chota
and Chickamauga, where he stood like a wall between bad people and his
brothers, the Virginians.12 Like her distinguished uncle, Nancy Ward
was a consistent advocate of peace, and constant in her good offices
to both races. She gave timely warning and assistance to the traders
when the young warriors dug up the hatchet in 1781;13 and delivered
condemned prisoners from the stake, as we shall see.". . .

[NI4690] Member of Virginia Legislature (House of Delegates)

[NI4696] Attended Emory and Henry College
He was a lawyer and Commonwealth's Attorney for Floyd County, VA

[NI4758] She said that her grandmother Sarah (_____) Odle was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian.

[NI4819] Living as of 8/1998

[NI4879] Email:

Snail: Rt.1, Box 469
Nickelsville, VA 24271

[NI4888] Ancestor of George Washington, President of the United States

[NI4934] Much of the info obtained from:

"Genealogy of the Page Family in Virginia" by Dr. Richard Channing Moore Page, 1873, 1883
Reprinted in 1965 by C.J. Carrier Company in Bridgewater, VA.

[NI4943] She is fourth generation descendant of Pocahontas and John Rolfe.

[NI4981] They settled in what is now Trappe, PA, where the opened an Inn--The Three Crowns. Trappe is named after this Inn, related the following story from Richard W. Schrack (

"Trappe, Pa. is named for the inn established by the Schrack Family. the proper
name for the inn was THE THREE CROWNS. It seems that early in the inn's
existance it was composed of a small hut where the cooking was done, and what
they call a cave, probably the cellar for the soon to be built inn where the
food and spirits were provided for the customers. Anyway, on wintry night an
Englishman returned home quite enebriated and when asked by his perturbed wife
about his condition he replied that he fell into "The trap" at the inn and
couldn't find his way out. The name stuck and forever after was known as
"trappe" (In German)."

[NI4996] Rosewell Plantation is located on the grounds of Powhatan's headquarters. It is also the location of where Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence before going to Philadelphia.

[NI4998] Great-grandfather of President John Tyler of the USA

[NI4999] References:
William and Mary Quarterly Historical Papers, Volume 1, No. 4, April 1893, p. 208-213.

[NI5005] Educated at St. Johns College, Oxford

[NI5014] The Rosewell Pages--White Pages

[NI5016] Governor of Virginia

[NI5018] The North End Pages--Black Pages

[NI5020] Broadneck Pages

[NI5032] President of the College of William and Mary

[NI5033] President of the College of William and Mary
"The Historian of Virginia"

[NI5036] Pronounced "Chizzle" and may have originally been De Choiseul....see Fort Chiswell, VA

[NI5058] Governor of Virginia

[NI5114] Governor of Virginia

[NI5120] US Minister to France

[NI5134] Great-nephew of Thomas Jefferson

[NI5136] Buried at Monticello.
President of the Democratic National Convention in 1873 in Baltimore, MD.

[NI5146] Confederate Secretary of War

[NI5150] Governor of Virginia

[NI5152] Wrote the Treaty of Guadeloupe-Hidalgo after the Mexican War.

[NI5199] Governor of Virginia

[NI5205] Grandson of Robert "King" Carter

[NI5253] Buried at his residence at Roanoke, Charlotte County, VA; but remains were moved to Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA.

[NI5256] President of the 1st Continental Congress

[NI5261] Governor of Virginia

[NI5263] Grandparents of Thomas Nelson Page, 1853-1922.

[NI5266] Governor of Virginia
Sec. of State of USA
1st Attorney Gen. of USA

[NI5268] Acting Governor of Virginia

[NI5274] Great-granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson

[NI5279] US Attorney General under Franklin Delano Roosevelt

[NI5291] President of the College of William and Mary

[NI5294] President of the College of William and Mary

[NI5321] Attorney General of VA

[NI5359] He traces his ancestry back to SIX of the SEVEN sons of the emigrant Col. William Randolph

[NI5366] In the United States Navy

[NI5383] State Senator in Maryland

[NI5390] Professor at Johns Hopkins University

[NI5431] US Minister to France during President Benjamin Harrison's term.

[NI5433] Both Thomas and Ellen were both deaf-mute.

[NI5522] Mayor of Chicago

[NI5544] All of there children descend from FIVE of the SEVEN sons of William Randolph I of Turkey Island (the emigrant).

[NI5545] Great-great-granddaughter of Col. William Randolph the emigrant and great-granddaughter of Sec. Thomas Nelson.

[NI5581] Granddaughter of Gov. Findley of Kentucky

[NI5592] Resided at Drewry's Bluff of Civil War fame.

[NI5658] Buried at Monticello.

A story relates that his father dreamed three times the night before that he saw young Willam struggling in water....before daylight a messenger arrived with the news that he had in fact drowned.

[NI5668] He was the attending physician that first saw President Lincoln after John Wilkes Boothe shot him.

[NI5711] Admiral in the British Navy

[NI5787] Possibly murdered by Powhatan's brother Opechancanough

[NI5853] She more than likely bore more children by Jefferson, but there are no uninterrupted male lines left of her six other children (4 lived to adulthood, all saying that Jefferson was their father). The other children are as follows:

Thomas Woodson 1780-1879
Harriet Hemings 1795-1797
Edy Hemings 1796-1796
Beverly Hemings 1798 - ?
Harriet Hemings 1801 -?
Madison Hemings 1805-1877


[NI5898] The Isham family information comes from this source:

"A Survey of The Ishams in England and America: Eight Hundred and Fifty Years of History and Genealogy." by Homer Worthington Brainard. The Tuttle Publishing Company, Inc. Rutland, Vermont, 1938.

[NI5936] Email:
BS ChemEngineering, Virginia Tech, 1994

[NI6368] GGG-grandfather of Anthony Farmer at

[NI6666] Company G, 54th VA Infantry
Company F, 4th VA Reserves

[NI6668] Company G, 54th VA Infantry

[NI6723] Was listed as having 8 children, with only three surviving.

[NI6803] Descendant is Frank Vaughan at

[NI6900] Lt. Governor of Mississippi and a Senator

[NI6904] Mississippi state Supreme Court Justice

[NI7184] He was a glazier

[NI7314] Ancestors of Sandy (Jennings) Corkern at

[NI7416] Inherited the family fortune after Henricus married an English woman.

[NI7435] Elected to House of Burgesses in 1764. Delegate to the First Continental Congress and for a short time to the Second Continental Congress. He then became Commander of Virginia's military forces, but resigned in 2/1776. He became the first Governor of the new Commonwealth of Virginia in 1776 and reelected in 1777, 1778, 1784, and 1785. He retired to private life in 1788 and became a successful criminal lawyer and lived at Red Hill, in Appomattox County, VA.

[NI7580] Will:

In the name of God, Amen, this the fifth of December 1780. I Alexander Ingram of Botetourt County and colony of Virginia, being sick and weak of body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be to God and calling to mind the mortality of my body and that it is appointed for all men once to die do make, constitute, and appoint this to be my last will and testament. Inprimis I commend my soul unto Almight God who gave it nothing doubting but at the general Resurrection I shall receive the same by the mighty power of Almighty God and my body I recommend to the Earth to be buryed in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my Ex.s and touching such worldly goods wherewith it has pleased God to bless me with I give, devise and dispose of them in the following manner and form.... First, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary six acres of land on each side of Cravans branchwherever she chooses and also my Negro wench named Grace during her natural life and likewise all my beds and bedcloathes and the whole of my Pewter to her and her heirs. Secondly, I bequeath to my daughter Ann and her husband the half of the tract of land I now live on the branch running through sd. land called Cravens Creek to be the division line between her or him and their brother John as far as to a spring on the West side of sd. branch and near the old mill path and a line to be run from the sd. spring through 54 acres of land of mine adjoining to the tract I now live on to divide the same in two equal parts and my daughter to have and to hold one half and my son John the other half and I also will and bequeath to my Daughter Ann a Negro Wench named Else and it is my will that the above land and Wench be the Property of my sd. Daughter and her Husband during their natural lives orthe Survivor during their Widowhood and at their Decease to be the Property of their Oldest Son if alive if not to his next surviving Brother & Secondly to my sons William and James I Bequeath a tract of land on the Bent Mountain of 400 acres to be equally divided between them both as to Quality and quantity an to my Son William I Bequeath a Mullato Wench named Pet and to his Eldest Son at his Decease and both Land and Encrease of sd. Wench to fall to his Brother as before & and to my son James I will Bequeath a Negro Wench named Poll and at his Decease to be disposed of as above mentioned & Thirdly, I give and Bequeath to my Son John the other half of the Tract I now live on And also my Negro Primus and my Wench Grace at his Mothers Decease the above land and the Encrease of said Wench to fall at his Decease as before Willed, to his Eldest, and further I Will and Bequeath to my son Wm.One hundred and fifty Acres of Land on the south fork of Lynches Creek in Craven County, and to my Son James two hundred Acres on Lynches Creek bounded on Moses and William Ingrams land and as I have a right to 400 Acres of Land besides what is already Willed I leave that to be disposed of Equally amongst my above Heirs Except one hundred acres to my daughter Mary on Hanging Rock Creek to her and her Heirs and Assigns and lastly I constitute and appoint my beloved Wife and Son John to be my whole and sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament and it is my Will and Request that my Sons William Ingram, James Ingram, and John and Alexander Ingram Jun. Do each of them pay fifteen Pounds hard Money or Equivalent thereunto to Purchase her a Negro Wench and I hereby utterly Revoke and Disannul all and every other former Wills and Testaments by me made Ratifying and Confriming this and noother to be my last Will and Testament in witness thereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Affixed my Seal the day and Year above Written Signed, Sealed, Published, and declared to be the last Will of Alexander Ingram in the presence of Wm. Bryans
Alexander Ingram

Wm. Neely Robt. Neely

May Botetourt Court 1783 this Instrument of Writing was presented in court as and for the Last Will and Testament of Alexr. Ingram decd. Proved by the oaths of William Bryan, William Neely & Robert Neely Witnesses thereto & on the Motion of John Ingram one of the Executors therein named is admitted to record whereupon Certificate is granted him for attaining a Probate thereof in due form he having first made Oath entered into and acknowledged Bond in two thousand Pounds according to law with Philip Love & Andw. Armstrong his Securities.
Teste D. May CBC

[NI7633] Great grandfather of Carolyn Fletcher: (fax #925-443-6775)

[NI7645] Grandmother of Carolyn Fletcher:

[NI7662] Henry immigrated, aft. 1739. Destination:. He was from Hornberg, Germany. He came to the Port of Philadelphia, PA on the ship "Phoenix" from Rotterdam, Holland on 22 Nov., 1752 at the age of 13. He owned 540 acres in Davidson County, NC.

[NI7813] William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Papers, Vol. 2, No. 4, Apr., 1894, p.241-247

[NI7821] Great-grandparents of Sonny Edwards:

[NI7834] Ancestral line of Mary (Penrose) Francis:

[NI7847] Known as Peter "der weber", the weaver.

[NI7876] See Goad database for this line

[NI7880] Governor of Virginia

[NI7881] President of the United States of America, 1841-1845.


Tyler, Texas


[NI7969] She had two children by her first husband and three more children by St. George Tucker, all of whom died early.


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